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What Fiverr Pro means to buyers, a Pro seller's perspective (Fiverr blog article)


The Fiverr blog and content team recently commissioned me to write a blog post on what Fiverr Pro is and the benefits it can offer to buyers. The post was published today and covers the service from a buyer’s perspective. Among other things the article covers:

  • The reasons people hire freelancers.
  • Why Fiverr Pro and the standard marketplace can exist side-by-side.
  • The importance of trust and value for the Fiverr Pro service.
  • Why Fiverr Pro means going beyond “doing the work.”

I hope the article also gives insight into the things sellers can do to maximize their chances of getting accepted into Fiverr Pro, although I will be creating an article that addresses that very topic.

Hope you enjoy it, and please let me know your thoughts - happy to answer any questions.

Isreali Pro only!
Acceptance Into Fiverr Pro

I’d like to just add one thing. When any buyer makes an order with me lets say for example of $25 the profit they gain is Considerably More than $250.


I enjoyed the article, Paul! Great job. Higher-priced services, while daunting to some buyers, are almost always a worthwhile investment.


Absolutely :slight_smile: I was just making up numbers as an example - no shade throwing here!


Great article Paul. As someone just starting out on this platform, my ultimate goal is provide stellar service to my clients; and hopefully one day become a “Pro Seller.”

I appreciated the perspective your brought with this piece.


@paulmaplesden off topic : when you submit this article to Blog team and after how many days after submit this article your article got publish . Looking forward for your reply, thank you


Hi there, I submitted it on Thursday of last week.


Okay thats great :slight_smile: Thank you for getting back so quickly !




Hello @paulmaplesden Please help me… How can I submit my profile for pro