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What Fiverr should do c.f

Very quickly…

  1. Consider 6-month/12-month record for Levels, if lifetime record is not possible. Present 1-2 month system makes things very uncertain. I said this the last time I was here, which was before this system was introduced.

  2. What’s up with the **********? On the first page of “bestselling” articles and blog posts, you have gigs with 12, 89. 76, 100+, 200+ reviews while my gig with 1500+ reviews and a lifetime earning of $35k+ gets pushed to 3rd or 4th or 5th page. Doesn’t make sense. You are rewarding mediocrity.

  3. Have a separate section for Pros, like you have for TRS. If you want to include their gigs with the rest of us, be fair and treat them with the same yardstick as you treat every gig. I see Pro gigs with 1 or 2 or even 0 reviews on the first page of articles and blog posts.

Finally, just to be clear:

The only advantage of TRS is 7-day payment and a separate TRS section. It does not guarantee orders. Nothing can guarantee orders. We all have to fight. We are freelancers fighting for attention on a platform. Fiverr’s role is to be a neutral adjudicator or regulator. That is the only expectation we can have from Fiverr. We are not guaranteed an income and have no right to expect one. We are not employees of Fiverr.


Ouch - that’s a bit below the virtual belt. :wink:

It’s a filter/search problem, been mentioned a few times - here’s one:


If Fiverr did do this, I hope the sellers who were demoted because of canceled orders due to “I ordered by accident.” would not have to take 6-12 months to gain their level back. :fearful: Some fell from level 2 to level 0 because of this. It took them 4 months to get back to level 2 again. :scream:


The percentages are too high. I’m talking about the positive rating, order completion, on-time delivery, and response rate. It pretty much leaves people with little wiggle room for errors.

I’m glad that you pointed out that fact. Many assume acquiring a TRS badge will automatically get an influx of orders. Also, I’m curious to know as a TRS do you have a Success Manager? I know others have shared about having one, just wanted to know if it’s beneficial or not. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly chats?

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When I became a Pro, I was assigned a success manager - not sure if you also get one as a TRS. In terms of what they do, I suspect it varies from seller to seller, but they tend to look over a seller’s gigs, make suggestions on what could be improved, and also request feedback on various aspects of Fiverr. Essentially, I think it’s a proactive support role, where they manage relationships with sellers and help them optimize gigs for better uptake and sales.

Others with customer success managers, please chip in!

Most of my contact with success managers has been through email, although I have had a couple of calls / meetings.


Haha, funny you should mention that. I was one of the first people to get a success manager, a wonderful lady. But what happened was I went off the topic everytime she said something and she soon realized how I had no interest in talking about the things she wanted to talk about with me. LOL. So without saying anything she stopped contacting me after 3 months. Since then I’ve been mostly undisturbed. Do you know I have talked to customer support only twice in 4 years?

I remember how she talked about how I should be earning more, I gave her a lecture on economics, income inequality, purchasing power parity, per capita incomes of various countries, quality of life, etc. She realized then and there that it was best to leave me alone, I guess. I am a very difficult person, I think. I thank the folks at Fiverr for tolerating me for 4 years. You guys are really great.


Howdy, Paul! :cowboy_hat_face:

I appreciate you taking the time to respond. :slight_smile: After, reading your previous comments and this one, it sounds like you’ve built a good rapport with your Success Manager. Which is a big plus! I think to have a chain link to Staff to express concerns, ideas, and whatnot is very beneficial. I’d use that connection to my advantage. Were you invited to Tel Aviv meetup thingy?

Also, what I like about you, is that you always share stuff and pass stuff along.

Wow, no kidding?! :hushed: Now, that’s a very interesting tidbit. My activities (tickets) is several pages long. :sweat_smile:

So, you never, like ever encounter any problems/bugs :bug: on this platform?

Oh, boy! :smile: LOL, at least she tried her best. Obvs it didn’t work. :grimacing: However, getting a fresh perspective from another ‘creative mind’ is a bonus. Sometimes, as humans, we are ‘stuck’ in our ways or our thought process. It’s good to have an open mind and dissect it. Take it or leave it!

I wasn’t - I haven’t been invited to any meetups, and I am in the US, so would prefer one closer to home! And always happy to be transparent and pass stuff along wherever I can.

Yeah, it’s very rare for me to contact customer support, most of my clients are great people, been lucky that way.

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I SO GET WHAT YOU MEAN! My gigs have been disappering or appearing at the last pages of my category which have now been cut down to only 2 pages with sellers with low reviews and ratings along side TRS and PRO gigs dominating most of the place.

When I contacted support I got the generic " We can’t guarantee gig rankings" reply. I don’t know what Fiverr’s thinking this time around but it definitely ain’t good.

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I’ve been reporting this to fiverr CS over weeks now. I would appreciate if you cold this too.
my gig was the best selling one in vector tracing category (over 6000 reviews) and it was placed behind gigs with only 10 reviews.

what you said is ture. “Doesn’t make sense. You are rewarding mediocrity.”


Same here mate, my gig with 600+ 5-star reviews is being shown under gigs with 4.7 ratings and only a few reviews. It’s just sad to have spent all this time building something up only to have it be knocked aside just to cater to the hordes of “mek sell” sellers.