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What form or type of updates will you personally like to see on Fiverr website if there will be any?

What will you like to see changed today?

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How can i all time happy

It’s maintenance, not an update.


If there will be any, what will you like to see

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yes, i also think so.

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Personally I will like to see fiverrs reaction on those sellers who post their services on buyers request, it’s really annoying nowadays, imagine first 12 of it were posted by sellers.
How I wish there could be a way out.

Are you sure you want my opinion? I hope it will be a constructive post since that’s my intention here.

So, I’m particularly intrigued and even annoyed at times by the use of fake profile pics since I can’t find the reason why sellers do that. I always hoped Fiverr would do some sort of verification or background check when the profile pic is a photo of a person, especially since famous people or celebrities wouldn’t want their image be used by strangers as that could ruin their images (and there’re also the Licensing/Legal issues)

Buyers like genuine sellers who don’t hide behind other people’s photos, but when buyers recognize that the person from the photo isn’t the real person, they will quickly go to another seller to avoid any problems, which results in lack of sales as far as I see it. If I would stumble upon a seller who hides behind another person’s photo, I’d most likely go find someone else, but hey, that’s just me and my opinion :slight_smile:


I think Fiverr should include a way to make some hourly rate gigs. There should be a tracker available. Buyer can hirer a seller for a week for specific amount of hours. Seller can track the hours using that tracker and calculate the total amount at the end of the week. I understand we can make custom offer by calculating the hours in advance but i think that hourly tracker would be a good addition on fiverr.