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What games do you play when you are not working? 😸


As the title says, what games do you like to play? I personally like Overwatch (on PC of course, PCMR). Really great game. Any of you guys (and gals) making gaming videos? (I make a few, but I have been doing some streams)


The sims!!! Or hayday (Android and iPhone), but I don’t really get much time for games…


Yeah… I have had a bit of an order drought, but I am having a bit more free time, that is nice.


Besides order drought, I have other projects going on outside Fiverr, so my time is always taken by something.


Rise of the tomb raider! Need some puzzle solving and adventure :blush:
Though I’m sad because I don’t have time to play it as much as I want :frowning:


I closed Minecraft some minutes ago. I play a bit with my daughter before she goes to sleep.
(I’ll go back on my own later :slight_smile: )


Mind games :slight_smile: Jokes aside, the World of Warcraft, was, is and will remain the first love of my life.

Considering that I live with my fiance at the moment, there’s simply no time for two of my greatest loves.

I’ve chosen my fiance.

Good bye my glorious Blood Elf Paladin.

Hope I won’t regret my decision.


Battlefield series all the way <3 on origin


I’m a PS4 player, just platinum Horizon Zero Dawn, what an epic game!


Ah, Battlefield. I was very delighted to see that after a long absence of mine (years), Bad Company is still going strong! Love(d) that one.

Edit: You know what?



There is no time for playing games!

:bulb: Joe


Warcraft III - DotA. Though I very very rarely play games.


Ahhh…I don’t get time to play games. Its 5m and I’m awaking since last hour as,I’ve to deliver order and then some home chores before leaving for university.:sob::cry:


StarCraft. Only when there is some time :wink:


So true… @thecreativeguys LOL. @idostuff74 Remember to deliver your orders and don’t get too caught up in it!


You should also try Sherlock Holmes: Devil’s Daughter if you want more adventure and lots of puzzle solving :blush: Super fun! If time stops being an issue :sweat:


i watch jeopardy lolol
i was only a gamer when super mario was out when I was a kid… not a fan of games since then


I’ve a tough routine I mean a LOT. This is not because of fiverr but many other things :slight_smile:


Play angry bird when not working


I play l4d2, zombie game on pc from 2009. My pc is super old but wish I could get overwatch! I’m excited to say that I’ll be buying a Switch next month with Mario kart! :smiley: