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What games do you play when you are not working? 😸


Overwatch really does not require the best computer to run, I bet if you at least have a decent core2duo or mid spec i3, throw a GTX 700 series or above and you can run overwatch pretty well for not much money


Nah - my pc is easily 10 years old, still running Vista… I had updated my graphics card 5 years back, but stupidly overclocked it and burned it out to where my pc crashes when playing most games. My pc is pretty much kaput. Not much interest in spending $800-$1000 on a new one just to play overwatch. :confused:


Mobile : Clash of Clans (COC)
PC : GTA, Hitman and Call of Duty.


Well i am a gamer girl. Yes you are right, the one who has joystick all the time ( usually boys do that). Games I play on Xbox are GTA ( series) , Call Of Duty Advance warfare, Red Dead Redemption, Resident Evil, Tomb raider ( up to 2011) and the list goes on…

Personally I love shooting games…


I play the game of “What the heck should I eat for lunch.”

It’s a really good way to kill time. Trust me.
Once that’s done, I play the game of “What the heck should I get for my snack.”

It’s fun, try it guys.


i play no game, that is when i remember i am suppose to go out with friends


Yeah!! I shift game genres some, but I love the old Silent Hill series (and other survival horror) for PS2/3. On PC I’ve played a long time and a lot of games. I’ve been gaming since Atari 2600 and Commodore 64.

I used to play Warcraft but took a break. Loved Tomb Raider, Thief, Half Life. Right now I’m playing Diablo 3 and the Far Cry series.

Game on ladies! (Gents too!)


Great to know… I thought girls like me are rare. :grinning:


Have you ever gave it a single thought about the drawbacks of playing that game?


No games. Just work. :wink:


I have 822+ games on my Steam account (God bless being a game reviewer). So, in between projects, I stare blankly at the list, work out what to play for the next 30 minutes, fail, and then it is time to get back to work.


Don’t you get bored of that routine. I mean no family, living alone, no entertainment. Do you go out? What do you do then. I think Cy was right about you… Your fingers will one day melt on the keyboard.


I count my money for fun :laughing:



@writer99025 LOL :laughing:


No worries. Spent much of yesterday’s leisure time building my entry to the Explainer Video market. Much more satisfying. (How very @writer99025 -y of me :wink: ) Something like Skyrim once was the certain death to my productivity (and healthy eating) but I’ve lost the mood & patience for games that want me to get lost in their virtual worlds.


I just finished Inside on my PS4 Pro.

Next on my console’s to do list is Nier Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn.

On my PC I usually just enter random COD matches while my workstation renders out a video.

So there are plenty of 10-30 minute breaks for gaming throughout the day.

Although I started working out again last week, so I’m trying to say yes to moving around more. :slight_smile:


Games Reminds me of my young days…

Being a Nuclear Engineer - hard shifts life; it is hard to find time and play games… fiverr is the only game I play when I am free… :smiley:


Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t played any of the Sherlock Holmes games, but did play all Tomb Raiders lol.
There aren’t many good 3rd person action adventure games like they used to be :see_no_evil:


Ohhh, so here is a man I was looking for.
If you get a little time for me can you reply me in “CONFUSED…Trends and Scopes”.I don’t know how to put link here :nerd: