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What games do you play when you are not working? 😸


Mostly I play battlefield4 and league of legends.


I play Combat Arms! CTF/ Capture The Flag! I am a beast at it. I love the Flag.


I play Libarators on Facebook a lot:D 2 weeks ago I started to play Clash Royale


Ehhh I spent about $400-500 on mine and it runs it on high at 1080p at 60fps


Ahh yes. It is sooo nice to have a workstation so you can actually use your computer while you are rendering… Hmm I wonder how games would run on the workstation? The GPU that I have in mine is pretty low end, but dual 4 core 8 thread xeons and 16gb of ram…


My workstation is actually running games better thank my desktop.

It’s a 16-core 4.5 GHz beast with a titan-x and 64 GBs of RAM.

I can even game while rendering, I have done it several times. :slight_smile:


Oh wow! You must be running a high end i7 OCed! I wish I could afford something like that… Lol my 100$ server keeps up just fine. (HP Proliant DL380 G6)



And I’m planning on upgrading to the 20-core one and 128 GBs this summer.

I can never export videos fast enough. :slight_smile:


the 6950x?

128 gb? are you using a ws asus motherboard?


yeap! that’s the one!

I’m on an Asus mobo alright. :slight_smile:

Asus X99-E WS


Yes I figured, regular mobos do not support more than 64gb atm.

The 6950x is actually a 10 core with hyper thread.

Buy this if you reall want some POWAAA

44 cores (22 cores with HT)


I’m always counting threads when calculating cores, since the plugins I use actually take advantage of every last drop of computing power, whether it comes from a logical core or a virtual one.

I will probably still upgrade to the 6950x because I am heavily invested in the x99 platform, and I’d hate to change mobo and format at this point int time.

the next enthusiast i7 chip will be release this August. It will probably be a 10-core one. But with higher freq.

And that one is a Xeon chip.

I love them, but when I’m dealing with a single core project or export, they suck so much because of their low frequency.


Yes, most people do not understand that for a program to utilize ALL THOSE CORES, it has to be written with parallel processing in mind.

It really does not matter if you have a 1000 core cpu and your program is written for a single or dual core. Which generally MOST programs are written in.

And all these kids go crazy about cores.


Yeah that’s so true.

You need to find a sweet spot between frequency and number of cores.

Depending on your workflow of course.

I know that upgrading to the 10-core model will only yield a 15% increase in performance when I use Cinema4D for instance. But I am fine with that. :slight_smile:


Well since most of your processing will be utilized for work order RENDERING, you have to convert your percentage into TIME :clock: for the calculation of your efficiency metrics.

How much time are you cutting down or saving BY upping your processing power. So that will give you the accurate calculation for your investment.


that’s precisely why I have a desktop with fewer cores/higher frequency to work on projects in low res/fast draft settings.

it’s snappy as hell, and it allows me to work super fast.

and then when I am done, I feed it to my WS, which is there to help me check things out in full settings, plus crunch through those layers and effects as efficiently as possible during final export.


League of legends lol :grin:


Exactly! My desktop runs at 4ghz (could probably OC to 4.5 at least) but my server runs at 3 GHz I believe, but my workflow benefits from all those threads!


Clash Royale :+1: :fireworks:


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Excellent outbreak of nerdery.