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What gig do you think is the most requested?


Selling panties is always popular… Met a big girl thats sells panties she buys at dollar a dollar store and makes 3k a month.

People are crazy


hahahaha panties panties panties panties


Reply to @seemydeath: panties is what you put under pants when you go outside


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promotions gigs are mostly orderd. Because every one want to get more sales. I have promotion relate gig and I know how many people want to buy it.


Yes, traxie. Medical writing is hard to come by for $5 though because there is a lot of research involved.


Link building services are on the nu.1 place on fiverr. You will never find a gig on fiverr, which have 300+ orders in queue. But when you will go to backlinks services, you can find many gigs with a large number of buyers in a line just like that…


I have been working as a graphic designer for quite some time now and my style is sometimes minimalistic but cool i always try to meet the buyers demands and my ultimate goal is the byers happiness


What else?


Since you are a nurse, would medical writing be up your alley? That seems to be fairly lucrative with less competition from other sellers.


has the answers changed?