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What gig have you been to last?

And I mean gig, not Gig™ :wink:
So, what concert have you been to last? Even it it was back in 1920, last one counts.

I’ve seen Submotion Orchestra this week, a band from Leeds, UK, their music is classified as jazz-soul-ambient-electronica. It was an awesome gig, 5*.

One of their albums if you’re curious:


It has been a while since I was at a proper gig!
The ones that springs to mind are REM at Argillan Castle (Ireland) in 2005ish and Bryan Adams in Dublin in 2006ish.

For the Bryan Adams gig we stayed in U2’s Hotel in Dublin and had an issue which we wrote to them about (yes, paper and pen!) and they invited us back for a free night in the Penthouse suite.
I was out on the balcony with my sunglasses on looking over Dublin’s River Liffey when I heard shouts coming from down below. I looked down and saw a lot of excited Asian tourists pointing, taking pictures and shouting up at me. After a minute I realized that from a great distance I could perhaps have had more than a passing similarity to Bono and given that I was in his penthouse they could be forgiven for mistaking me for a man twice my age at the time.

I went in laughing before realizing that this was my chance.

I walked back out and stood proudly with my arm stretched up giving them a peace sign a la Bono circa 2005 to which the tourists went wild. I would love to some day see the photo proudly displayed somewhere as someone’s “the time we saw Bono in a dressing gown”


Jan Garbarek, in Turin, middle of the 90s.


In June, I was at Sting’s concert here in Skopje.

Considering, that I was previously on one of his gigs. I think the performance was subpar considering how great his previous concert was. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

Here is his performance at the gig:

If someone ones to compare, here is a great live performance of the song.


You have just made me feel so old!

My last gig was in 2012!

I have been to several local gigs on my island, however, these are just pub crowds gathered around bad Elvis impersonators and don’t count.


Officially, The Big Band showcase that was hosted at my college some ages ago; it was for a class assignment and free to attend. Unofficially, High Water Festival some months back; though technically it was a sound check session at the park for the festival.


Cher is 73, net worth is $360 million, still doing shows.


Oooh, nice, I’d have gone to those two too, if close enough.

Okay, let’s include unofficial gig visits :slight_smile:

Totally counts, bad Elvis impersonators need some love too.

Sting plays close enough to me next summer but tickets are all gone/only pretty expensive ones left from flippers, we’ll see.

Okay, Pacquo, you officially need to go to a gig and then come back here to post again :wink:


Are you sure it wasn’t in… (wait for it)… the summer of 69?

Please don’t kick me out of this thread. I’ll behave from now on. :slight_smile:

If we’re being techical here, the last gig I went to was B*Witched. I mean, I didn’t really go to the gig. I just went to a bar they were playing at. The bar was the only one close to where I was, and it was Saturday night, so it was either go there or drink indoors.

I wasn’t really in to their performance. I didn’t know whether to fake enjoyment or maintain a level of Bond-like neutrality throughout.

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No one but me enjoys a beautifully choreographed stage show? I’ve always liked Cher’s shows for the theatricality. That little clip I showed doesn’t capture the grandiose atmosphere of the entire set. I love big beautiful choreographed extravaganzas.



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in 2017. That was pretty long ago! :open_mouth:

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I love this one from Submotion Orchestra by the way. ^^

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This one could be a hymn for everyone wondering why the algorithm suddenly catapulted them off of page 1 :wink:

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