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What gigs should a Front-End Web Developer make?


Greeting everyone!

I am a Front-End Web developer. I was wondering what gigs should I make? I want to use my 7 gigs most useful for the buyers. I am really keen to work in Fiverr. As a beginner, I really need experts advice. So please reply anything you think useful. I will be grateful. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


the answer of all your request question is
up to you…


Offer gigs for the skills you possess, and for services you can complete at a professional level. Don’t create gigs just for the sake of having gigs. That could actually hurt your reputation and business.

If you don’t have a skill, don’t offer it as a gig on Fiverr. :wink:


Haha, yes. I am already certified for my skills. :sweat_smile: But I just can’t figure out which 7 gigs will be perfect for the buyers.


That’s something you will have to figure out. We neither know your personal skills, nor do we know how buyers will respond to your skills/services. I recommend just picking your strongest skills, building gigs around those skills… and seeing what happens.

Successful businessmen understand the value of trial and error. :wink:


Yap, well said. :smile: I think I need to research more and give more time in it.
Thank you for your suggestion! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. Good luck!