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What gigs to offer for extra allowed gigs?


I hardly use 3 gigs to offer my services. I have no idea how to increase my sales through skills that I don’t possess??? Anybody here offer services for the skills he/she don’t possess?


Here, on this forum? I don’t know. On Fiverr? Thousands of them. Buyers’ complaints on here should give you an idea :wink: And no, this sh*t is nothing to strive for. Do what you’re good at. Sell what you’d like to buy.


No, because that would be incredibly stupid, like setting yourself up as a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist when you’ve only got a GCSE in Geography.

If you haven’t got the skills to do something yet, spend some time learning to do whatever it is you want to do, and then, when you’ve had enough practice you can offer it as a service.