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What goes for ONE should go for ALL regardless of LEVEL

Yes I’ve heard about gigs being taken, However, what crushes me most is when you see other people perhaps a level 2 seller with the very same gig up and running and like a 100 or so orders in their queue and you look at your gigs and yours was taken for violation.

So aren’t they violating Twitter and Instagram terms to if not then our gigs shouldn’t be taken nor reported but it is infringing on the rights then they all should be down. No sparing of others and killing the rest.

I’m just saying take all the gigs down if some are being taken for doing exactly what some of these especially level 2’s are doing.

Please bring some equality and fairness to the plate.

If you see a gig that breaks a third party’s Terms of Service, report it to Customer Support.

Fiverr doesn’t check each and every gig. They don’t have staff for that. A gig is typically taken down when someone reports it or complains about it (someone being either a Fiverr user, or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon…).

If you keep checking the forum, every now and then you will see one seller or another complaining that his or her gig with hundreds of reviews (so, definitely a level 2 seller) was suddenly taken down. And it’s usually selling likes, followers, subscribes, and so on.