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What grows 10 times is the same problem


I have been here for quite a while and I have a skill in design and I want to help others with my skills but I am having a problem that I did everything to focus on getting to know people who need my help. I am a new problem on the site but I have a good experience to do this. How do I solve this problem? Buyers and I see views and clicks on sales, but I do not see a buyer Is the problem I’m bad this work or not see in the search?
I love all the users in this site although it is possible to do the buzzer and more to make them happy for you

I have consulted many and asked many and presented many topics to answer the solution to this problem and there is no response

So who offered help and thank you with all my greetings


I am sorry if I repeat myself, but until you don’t learn to speak proper English you won’t find success here.

There are a lot of people coming from English-speaking countries. Do you think your description will attract them if you sound like a Google bot?

Communication is essential in doing business, therefore you need to first master the art of communicating (in English in this case).

Good luck :slight_smile: