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What happen if edit existing gigs?

Hey senior sis & bro,

What if I edit my gigs again, will my impression/gig ranking drops?

I didn’t edit anything since the past 2 weeks. I am planning to edit all my gigs. So I’m worried my gigs will start to be beginning again.

It is hard to get impressions , gig clicks or visible to fiverr search😭

(Check out my gigs! I think some useful stuffs for fiverr sellers too)

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This thing often irritates me as well. Dont know its validity

Sis and bro?

“Seniors” don’t communicate like this in a professional setting.

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So sorry😁 boss … never thought this forum is so formal


Now you are really pushing it. That’s just rude.

It isn’t about formality. It is about respect and impression.

In some country, different cultures, they have different titles… I don’t mean to be rude… calling boss bro sis is a respect to greet or call someone that is seniors. We call aunty and uncle to someone that is elder than us. Same like we call boss to somebody who is more senior … visit Singapore n Malaysia and you will know haha. Sorry madam

I, like a lot of people, dont like sir or madam because it refers to yourself as a servant, not a peer.

You don’t have to call anyone anything. You don’t know what people like and don’t like, so don’t guess, please.

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Generally in this kind of forum we refer to each other by an @ sign followed by our “handles”.

So in order to reply to the above I might say “@humanissocial - I am the grammar police and award you a certificate of merit!”

We are all equal here. We use handles if we know them …or nothing, if we don’t. It’s best practice in this type of scenario, where an expression of respect in your culture may be an insult in mine or the other way around …

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