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What happen, If I don't respond to buyer feedback

Hi Friends. I hope you all are fine and I just want to ask you that If I don’t respond to buyer feedback then can still I got feedback from buyer. Actually I was working on order, according to the agreement I’ll only deliver vector file and jpeg file but at the end of the order buyer asking for source file as well. So, I think he left with a negative feedback. If I don’t respond to their feedback So can I avoid negative rating, Thank you


The review will appear on your profile after 10 days anyway, whether you leave feedback or not.

If I feel some feedback isn’t going to be great … the nearer it is to the 15th, well, I wait until after St Levels day to respond.

Of course, you could offer the source file for an extra fee …


Hahaha… Love that.

Lol! I stole it from @cyaxrex!

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I stole it from either @eoinfinnegan or @torrelles. - I have to say that in case they sue. :wink:


Twas actually decided by public vote back in the day. I believe it was my suggestion at the time although honorable mention to @torrelles for the video and subsequent gif regarding his take on St Level’s Day. (Naw, I won’t post it again).

I’ll post Torrelles Levelageddon video instead:


I don’t believe this affects St. Level’s Day, though. Regardless of when a seller chooses to respond to a buyer review, that review still affects the gig/account from the moment it was left by the buyer.


Thank you @coerdelion

@jonbaas - my experience is that it does affect stats as soon as published. Buyer’s feedback isn’t published until 10 days after it’s given. It’s only when it’s published that it affects stats.


If this was so, then that would allow sellers to manipulate their standing on St. Level’s Day, and I am certain that is not what Fiverr had in mind. You receive a notification whenever a buyer leaves a review from one of your orders. It is as that moment that the review is registered. Fiverr just set it up so that buyer reviews do not display anywhere on your account until you respond to them – that’s the whole point of a blind review system.

Just because reviews don’t display until you respond to them, doesn’t mean that they aren’t registered on your account – privately – the moment they are posted, and the moment you are informed that you have a review.

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You could say that, @jonbaas - however, if they register on your account, you would have an idea of what they were … which would defeat the object of a blind review, no?

The only way you’ll know for sure is to try it yourself …

Like I said, I am certain that buyer reviews register on your account at the exact moment they are posted by the buyer. They affect your account from that point onward. Neither you, nor anyone else can see buyer reviews until you respond to them or ten days pass.

You don’t need to know what a buyer review is for it to register on your account.

There’ll be letters to CS if one loses a level without any obvious reason. I’ve done it, it works. Try it for yourself.

Once again, like I said, you don’t need to see a buyer review before it shows up on your gig. A buyer review is likely registered the moment the buyer leaves it. If buyer reviews did not register at the moment they were left (even if you can’t see them yet), then sellers could inappropriately manipulate their status on St. Level’s Day, and bypass the entire promotion/demotion system. I highly doubt that Fiverr would appreciate this as it would undermine their entire levels system.

I’m confused as to how you know this works. You have no negative reviews on your profile…

I don’t think you necessarily need a negative review for you find out if it works.

Any non 5-star review that is capable of affecting your current 60-day rating will suffice. :slight_smile:


@graphtersawyer - I have 1 3* and a couple of 4s.

I think that, until they’re published, reviews are treated as “no review” … and then when they are published, they automatically become a review.

Waiting for them to be published isn’t manipulation … it’s just waiting.


In my neighborhood, it’s called “strategy”. :wink:


It’s not manipulation, but you can’t argue it’s a straightforward business practice. Gray area’s always fun for some to explore and leverage. :slight_smile:

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