What happen if pause my gigs or go on vacation mode?


Hey guys,

i need some information, i heard from many people that if i go on vacation and after coming back from it. My gig ranking will not stay same like i will get less order requests from seller or almost no orders.
i know it’s obvious ranking will not stay same but no orders? that’s scary :stuck_out_tongue:

About pausing gigs is same thing? never heard anything about it?

anyone who experience this before?

Thank you!


In my experience, after using Out Of Office to catch up on work, it takes about a week for my gigs to place back to where they were before I went on OOO. I did not notice that I had less orders.


I went on vacation mode before out of office was available. It was also when I was still fairly new. Buuut, I got an order almost as soon as I came back.

pausing gigs, idk.

I’ve seen a lot of people recommend raising your prices extra-high rather than vacation mode or pausing.


Raising your prices to a very high level is a good option to avoid orders :slight_smile:


Some sellers have had more orders after increasing the price. May be it will not happen to everyone. But there is a possibility.


same, once i did this then i got a lot of orders.