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What happen if you on Available but not Reply in 5 Mins

As we know fiverr introduce the Available Now button on fiverr.
1. Less than 5 active orders
2. More than five orders completed
3. Low cancellation rate
If you not meet any one of 3 requirement you can’t enjoy the service
But in case you meet all of three requirement you are illegible to take benefits but you must be very care full because if you on Available now and not reply your client text just in 5 mins it leave very bad effect on your gigs or profile so on this when you are sure that you are able to response your client with in 5 Mins

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Are you saying that your gigs rankings are harmed?


yes you are right gig ranked will down

Please can you provide proof of this (from Fiverr) because I haven’t seen this mentioned at all.


The only bad thing that can happen is you will lose the privilege to use this feature for a month. But it’s in beta now. It wasn’t even rolled out to everyone yet. Please stop spreading false information.


sorry but i share my own experience

please let me know hot to delete the post

If that was actually your own experience with the new feature then it is ok to leave it up.

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Only thing is available now feature will be cancelled for 1 month. That’s All.

You can delete your own post by clicking on the little there you will find options to edit or delete. You are more than welcome to leave your post up though.

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ok thank you so much

But it have only two option when i click on edit title button one is change category of post and second one is change title

In order to delete your own post you need to click on the trashcan icon. Or you can also flag your own post and ask for removal.

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Do you want to delete the whole topic? If so change the heading to “delete this post” and it will be deleted by a moderator.

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Hello Expert,

I have meet all the criteria, but the “Available Now” button in not shown in my profile. What’s the reason behind that?

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It’s not rolled out to all users.

Still in beta.


Thanks for your information.

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Can anybody describe me about AVAILABLE NOW feature? If I don’t active this feature what will happen with me? Is it effected for my account? or to get order? I’m illegible for this.

You are asking a lot of questions. Suggest you type “Available Now” in the search bar above and you will find many posts on the subject which will answer your questions.