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What happen IF?

Now we have to obtain several criteria for get promote in seller level. I just want to know what happen if I haven’t more than 4.8 rating. I mean, if noone rate our service for last 60 days and rating circle shows N/A.

These criteria for promotion have been in effect for the past 10 months (since January). This is nothing new, and we have all been operating under these rules for some time now. Most of us have come to understand how this system works, and have been operating successful within these 10-month-old rules.

The rating requirement is 4.7 within 60 days, not 4.8. Most good sellers shouldn’t have any trouble maintaining this level over the course of two months.

If you don’t meet one of the requirements, you will be demoted to the next lowest level. If you are ranked as a “New Seller”, you cannot be demoted any lower, and you’ll just remain at that level until you earn a promotion.

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@jonbaas I am in OOO mode since August and the rating indicator shows “n/a” because there are no ratings in the last 60 days, but I have not been demoted. Having no ratings at all in the last 60 days does not trigger a demotion.


This is good to know. Fiverr is indeed listening to it’s users.


But would all your analytics begin at zero when you come back? I wonder how that would work. If you start out with only a few sales one cancellation could demote you. You would need to hit the ground running.


The rating not require 4.8, 4.7 is good enough.

I’m glad that you mentioned this tidbit here. :ok_hand:t4: Just like you, I was in OOO for the longest time, which felt like an eternity. :laughing: If people were demoted for taking time off, that would be very silly and unfair.

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