What Happen to Fiverr?


Hi Sellers.

I need to there is any issue about sales ? is that Decrease ?

My gig in Top of the Search Results but really slow sales…

is that Normal because of the Update ?


same thing with me :frowning:


Reply to @imadou: :frowning: Let’s see others feedbacks…


Mee too ! a have two gigs in the top page of category but there’s no sales !

and i sale too much :confused: just 1sale/2days


same with me no sales at all since fiver update :((


I wrote to Fiverr about this situation, but they responded “Bla, bla, bla do manual advertisement of your gigs etc.” But, after 4 days, I started to receive orders again hopefully! [-O< $-) B-)


Actually I sold 3 gigs through Facebook.


So, you should advertise! Good luck to all of us! :)>-


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: could you show to me where you advertised your gigs in Fb ? that would be very helpful.


Fiverr is most likely getting smart to people gaming the system…e.g. making 5 or 10 of the same gig in order to get listed at the top more than once. I haven’t noticed a big difference but to each their own.

Also their search is getting better.


I too haven’t noticed much of a difference in sales, so there isn’t much that I can add to the discussion. Yu can always try re-working your keywords to see if you notice a difference that way, apart from advertising elsewhere like FB, Linkedin, or even Craigslist. You can use the handy-dandy Fiverr Anywhere Chrome plugin to offer custom services to pretty much anyone, anywhere.


Reply to @imadou: I use my personal page.


Something happend :frowning: My Friends also not getting Orders…: :-((


same here :frowning: my best selling gigs are disappear on search results


Hey guys,

I’m a new seller on Fiverr, and unfortunately, I’m not getting ANY sales, let alone views or clicks. I get a few impressions, but they aren’t even noteworthy. It’s a bit sad because I offer great social media services, yet I don’t get any VIEWS.

I just want a chance for my gig to be seen by potential customers, but it’s not happening at the moment. Is it really this hard for a new seller on Fiverr to get noticed? :frowning:


Reply to @mjgenius: my gig is in top but slow sales that before :frowning: