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What happen to fiverr?

I send message to my buyers but message not send (sometime sent).when they send message to me ,I got notification in my mobile but message does not appear in my inbox. Also I deliver about few hours ago (Also yesterday I delivered) ,but shows recent delivery 3 days ago. :slight_smile:

I cannot send messages at all on orders.

contact Customer Support, it may just be a glitch and they will be able to help you better.

(I sometimes have issues where I attach a file but it doesn’t attach. You can imagine the fun and games when I “deliver”!)

They fixed this very fast!

I’m having the problem of received messages being delayed by almost 10 minutes to show up in the status bar, where as before it showed up within seconds. I also didn’t get a notification in my email inbox after the Fiverr inbox showed the message was present for a while. It used to be almost immediate.

Though my response Rate is 100%, why my Response Time 1 Hrs?

Reply to @misscrystal: me too, got disable inbox message today