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What Happen. What Can I Do?

It’s been 2years since I created my Fiverr profile :grinning: complete 2 gigs orders with 5 stars in 1 month :heart_eyes::scream: but now still I didn’t get any gigs to order almost 2years :cold_sweat::sob: no more impressions and no more views on my gigs :pensive: What Can I Do? :tired_face::tired_face:


I Think Take Courses On Fiverr Today this is the main problem for free worker anyone completes the Courses and get much order

Courses don’t guarantee sales.

Have you tried driving unlimited traffic or creating backlinks to your gigs? You offer these services, surely you can do them for yourself.

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EDIT: sorry, my mistake.

I don’t know how to do those things, OP is offering them as services, so I told him to do them for himself.

@joshuaayodele If you want help you need to create your own topic.

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I recommend you watch this course:

I think Courses is a big matter. but thanks for your advice I will try this

thanks for your comment

thank you so much for the help