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What happend? need Clearence 😫

Hi Guys, need help. What happend, some buyer order my gig and I send him some concepts now no response from him, He haven’t select final logo so I can’t deliver the order. what happen if he hasn’t till due time? does my order cancel or?

Take it to the resolution centre on Fiverr.


Thanks @therighttwo,
Finally he shows up than select the finalize work 2 min before deadline. So I wasn’t able to deliver it to the due time. does that put a bad mark on me? whats fiverr’s react when it comes to late delivery?

Request a time extension.


But I deliverd the order. I want know is late delivary put bad mark on me?

Because you delivered the order late without requesting a time extension through the Resolution Center, your Delivered On Time % will likely suffer which can:

  1. Put your gigs further down in search results if it drops enough.
  2. Drop your Delivered On Time %, making it harder to “Level Up”.

Hope this helped!

Thanks for the info.