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What happend to the "Basic English" skill test?

Hello lovely people,

About 3 months ago I scored 9,5 in the “Basic English” skill test, a few days ago my result and the whole test just disappeared.
Does anyknow know what happend? Did Fiverr delete some specific tests?


Check and change your category or you can take a test again

what do you mean by saying “change your category”?

I checked all the skill tests available but theres no “Basic English” skill test anywhere anymore.

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Same Problem …


Just today, I did all available English tests - “English Language” and “Fiverr English test”. Seems like there is no such “Basic English”:

no more

Nothing else appeared in “English Language” category :thinking:

Another screenshot when I go to “Take test”
only tests

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so sad :(… I was top 10%, really frustrating…

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Thank You …