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What happend?

Hi, I got a new order today, I was ready to start it when I read that the buyer hit accidentally the “Buy” button and he was cancelling the order since it was a mistake…

Isn’t it bad for reputation of seller? What can I do in this case?


As disappointing as this is, it really does happen. There’s a whole thread about this, where someone asked if anyone had really accidentally placed an order, and lots of people confessed that yes, they did! (including me!). People who have Damn Quick Pay find it happening more frequently, but I don’t have that excuse. I just accidentally clicked on a Buy button. Fortunately, it was something I could use, so I went ahead and bought it. But if it hadn’t been useful to me, I would’ve requested a cancellation, unfortunately.

As long as you both agree to the cancellation, it doesn’t have a negative effect on anyone.

Thanks a lot for answering me!! Good to know it does not affect me bad, I was keeping a perfect record since I join and I got scared to have to wait more time to lvl up :slight_smile:

No need to worry, my friend~! :wink:

Pretty sure it’s done on purpose to some degree(not from the user end, but from Fiverr) as when the order is placed, that Fiverr fee is automatically their money forever, even if the buyer cancels with the seller and if they cancel via Paypal they get instantly banned. As Celtic has said, it doesn’t have a negative impact on anyone. It used to not too long ago, but now you can cancel to your hearts delight without a worry in the world :slight_smile: