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What happened? Can't contact the buyer


So yesterday evening, I was contacted by a buyer, asking for a custom audition tape and I had responded back, saying that I will work on it and share with him.
So today, I’ve spend about 3 hours, recording and editing the custom script he had sent me (it’s an 8 minutes long audition tape!)
And when now I am trying to send that audio to him, my inbox shows a notification “the buyer XXX can no longer be contacted.”

I am not sure what happened, did they block me, did they get blocked?
When I try to open the buyers’ profile, the link doesn’t take me to it, but just to the standard fiverr page.

I have no idea? Where or how can I find out more?


They probably didn’t do that as they have an active order with you.


Bingo! There you have it! This is proof that the buyer either violated the ToS in some way (and got their account banned in the process) or that they closed their account.

I suggest you contact Fiverr’s Customer Support team.


I agree with hanshuber16, it looks like they no longer have an active account on Fiverr (either Fiverr closed it or they did). You could also check on a browser not logged in or incognito browser to double check.

Also, if it was not an actual order and was a custom sample specific to that buyer, it may be better to create a more generic sample/samples you can send or link to instead (eg. so you could send a sample related to the type of thing the buyer wants instead of spending hours creating something custom to their script when they haven’t ordered). Or just ask them to listen to any samples you have shown on your gig.


I like your tip about have some specific samples rather than spending hours for custom auditions, without even a order. Would’ve saved me lot of hours of wasted effort.

Thanks for sharing the tip.


Thanks hanshuber16.
Now I am just wishing i would’ve checked his profile, before spending hours on the work, which can’t be used now.
Thanks for sorting out some of my confusion.
I also will contact the customer support team.
Thanks for sharing their link.