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What happened exactly?

Hi guys.
Yesterday night I received a message from somebody for a job.
After that I just saw that:

Anyone knows about that kind of error? What happened?
Why I am not able to reply to him?
Support didn’t clarify me the issue.


Their account was deactivated.
Also you should remove the buyer’s name and picture since it was a private message.
Sometimes users who spam can get their account deactivated I think.

May be someone report spam on his account , for that reason account is disabled. for that no longer in your connection

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I see guys. Why they should spam if they are simple looking for hiring people?
I am new on Fiveer and after 2 weeks still no job offer in my inbox.
Thanks for the suggestion, I modified the screenshot.

Because they are not really looking to hire anyone. It’s a scam. Beware! Stay away and never answer or respond to this type of message! :warning:


They had probably sent messages to plenty of buyers before and after they sent you. Some of the sellers either spam marked them or reported them or Fiverr caught the pattern and removed them. You don’t have to worry about this seller and the project because there was no project there to begin with.

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Mostly that would be scam.

A similar thing happened to me, most likely a scam