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What happened? From 10-15 gigs a week to nothing?


I have a voice-over gig and I normally (up to a few weeks ago) would get at least 10 jobs a week. Suddenly, maybe one or two in the last 2 weeks?? Am I not appearing in the search? I have a 100% rating…something fishy…

Any advice?


Right on! But my point is that it’s strange that for two years I had steady giggage, then suddenly,zilch! :frowning:


I am facing the same problem here too , since I became level 1 no order anymore .


But don’t reply to gig requests too often. I did that and got both my levels lost.


bachas85, which “related forums” have been useful for your gig promotion (one example?)


it is not that hard to get back on main pages update you’re video. send CS a message and tell them you deserve to be featured. or just create a new gig. plenty of ways to get noticed