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What happened if I withdraw custom offer?

What happened if I withdraw custom offer?


what will happen is, say a buyer wants to ask you for a custom order. you produce red videos but he wants blue ones. Well now he can’t. Because the blue ones are custom and require a custom price. If you had sent a custom order and would like to withdraw it, it means that the buyer won’t be able to use it to place an order. I do it all the time when I find out a buyer left out some critical details in his/her request.


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It just means he can no longer choose to get that offer you made.

I usually do not withdraw them because sometimes they come back and buy them later.

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Nothing bad will happen. The buyer won’t be able to order that custom offer. I withdraw them often if the buyer comes back with a ‘oh, by the way, can you do this thing I’ve just thought of too’, then I withdraw the old offer, and make a new one.

I always put a deadline of 3 or 4 days on my offers anyway so they will get withdrawn automatically after that. It helps me manage my workload. I don’t suddenly want a week where everyone accepts their custom offers all at once!


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nothing… if your mind change you can create new one.

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My question is:
Will the customer see that the offer is withdrawn?
Or will it be invisible to them?

They will be able to see if you withdraw it.

That I find bad practice by Fiverr.

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Why would this be a bad practice? If you present a special offer to a buyer, and they choose not to accept it, you have every right to withdraw the offer that YOU put forward. Your offer, your right to withdraw.

That’s not the point in time you would retract (is what I’m thinking).
Why even retract if they don’t accept?

I’d only retract if:

  1. I made a mistake/ miscalculation
  2. Communication after the offer is not going well

So, in case 1: It would be nice if they don’t see my earlier pricing/ writing mistakes or whatever


If I create offer and withdrawn offer and offer will not accept by the customers

what can i do?what should i do?

Thankyou for the help!