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What Happened if We Failed to Order? Will it Greatly Affect our Gig?

There is a buyer who refused my cancellation dispute twice despite my telling him that I am already busy with other orders until next week (even when I tell him in detail too). I used the hold queries after several orders, but somehow Fiverr allowed his order despite my having the orders for the hold queries.

I’ve submitted a ticket, but I haven’t gotten any reply yet even though it’s almost 24 hours soon. I’m starting to get worried that it will be more than 2 days, and my gig is supposed to be done in 2 days. So I’m expecting the worst-case scenario where the forced order will become a failed order.

If my expectation is true, it’s going to be my first failed order. What will happen if I fail the order? Will it greatly affect my gig? Will it be so bad that we won’t receive orders anymore? I’m just worried about the last part.

Hello Ana,
No, if you fail the order it won’t greatly affect your gig. You can also request extra time by messaging the customer. But no, one failed order won’t greatly harm your reputation or your gig. It takes multiple failed orders for some serious damage to occur. However, I am sure the Fiverr team will resolve your issue (even after the failed order happens).

I think I’ve had about 30 cancelled orders over the past 5 years. And in the end the stats all reset after 3 months and I’m back to 100%. I try not to worry about it anymore.

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