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What happened to $5 gigs?

I thought the idea of fiverr was to offer a base service of $5 and extras but recently i found this gig [link removed.] Does this violate the basic principal of fiverr as there is no way to get a base service for $5. This is the only time where i have seen this sought of pricing and it could possibly be a bug.

It’s not a bug and it is allowed

Fiverr is called Fiverr because the minimum price for a Gig is $5 (technically $5.50, but we won’t get into that…).
Fiverr recently brought out Gig Packages. That’s what you’re seeing on that logo design Gig.

You can read more about Gig Packages here:

but surely for a gig you would need to provide a base gig on top of the packages. The one in the example is providing a service which the majority of users are charging the $5 for. I assumed packages were for bundling additional services on top of the base service.

They are not. You can choose to still offer a 5.00 gig but many, like myself, don’t with the new packaging options. There are a TON that still do though. Just keep searching.


The lowest price for a gig is $5.00. it isn’t technically $5.50. You don’t have to pay that 50 cent charge if you use your Fiverr funds (which you have earned through the site) to make a purchase.

Sellers can charge what values their time. With this particular seller, $150 justifies their time, and clients seem to have no issue with paying for it.

In my opinion the packages is a great addition. It helps to weed out those that are trying to squeeze the life out of you for $5. After-all at least a majority of my buyers seem to tell me they use my services as they go and re-sell them elsewhere in some variation. As long as outsourcing exists, even at $10, $30, $50, or more, they are still great bargains when people go and re-sell them somewhere for $100, $200, $300+. Logos, especially.

I don’t see what the big deal is since some folks are still selling at $5 base price. As for that seller in the link, that’s her only gig that high of a price. It’s high because it is not an individual thing, it’s a package gig.

$5 is nothing. You try running a business on that. Good riddance to the $5 marketplace. It’s great for sampling a freelancer’s offer… but it shouldnt be used for much else most of the time… To do so is just not helping the seller… not feeding their family. What can you do with $5? - Add 2 kids.

Well said!

It’s been much more relaxing dealing with buyers lately. I wish this feature was around a long time ago for my higher-end gigs. Weeds out like 99% of people that are a hassle and although I get less orders in volume, i get bigger orders that compensate for that and end up dealing with the less volume issue. It’s definitely a win-win and I still maintain $5 gigs too

Ya…that’s just how the screw over the buyer…and then when there is a cancel or refund the buyer doesn’t get it back.

Oh yeah, I didn’t keep that in mind. Thanks for correcting me!