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What happened to $5?

More and more I see sellers asking for $20 $30 or $100 minimums. I thought this was called FIVERR?

Make everyone provide at least one $5 minimum service or get lost and go work your magic on some other freelancing site!

Some sellers still offer a service for $5. However; depending on the service itself, the minimum price could be more than the standard 5.

It starts from 5$. It’s like you can buy an Computer for 5$, but do you want what computer? If you want a better computer it goes way more then 5$ right? Then you want a better processor? You want to have an webcam? You want as extra headphones?

All things has a cost. If you’re here for exploring people, then you’re on the wrong place.
Here on fiverr you can get great discounts for works that would cost you 2x, 5x and even 10x more.

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