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What happened to all the orders?

Orders must have dried up by 95% since Jan?

A lot of people are saying this. I’ve even noticed some of Fiverr’s top sellers have fewer orders in their queue.

I’ve noticed a massive drop in the last 2 weeks as well… crisis

I am having the same issues. I was so busy for so long. I have never been this low for orders. I actually bounced back for a little bit from February through April, but that is because I spent a ton of money advertising my gigs on facebook. Then May hit and I am the slowest I have ever been. This is the first time I have had 0 orders since I started.

I am just spending the free time trying to optimize and promote my gigs in other ways.

I have been reading the posts in the forum and checking out the Fiverr Tips and tutorials. Some of this stuff wasn’t up when I started and honestly I had been so busy I was not paying attention.

From everything I have read and researched seemed to point to the fact that we have a lot and I mean A LOT more competition that we did not have before. Our little niches have become very populated with eager sellers and they are extremely more competitive than when I started.

Also Fiverr is checking and rating us in more and more different ways, while providing advanced features and add-ons to help sellers stay in contact and on top of their orders. All of this together just makes it even more competitive.

I have gone back to basics.

I have gone back through my gigs and profile and realized that I had not even filled out my profile completely. The videos for my gigs were old and some of the first ones I had built on my own for myself. After building over 1000 animated videos between here and my own site, the quality of the videos I create now are night and day different.

I am currently reworking my gigs and my profile. I have gone through the top performing gigs in my niche under each listing and tried to figure out why they are getting orders and how I can improve and compete for more orders.

If it works and I get busy again, believe me I will post it.

This is exactly what has happened to me, I have no idea what is up.

Me too

29 queue (s)

Sellers who have good understanding with clients are still receiving orders. Lack of new clients in market. May be fiverr is facing less traffic issues or something else.

I have only survived so far with the new orders my old and returning clients keep placing. Everything anyone knows about fiverr is not as it seems.

We can’t just rely on anything these days.

Am just glad my services are the type that my clients will always come back to me whenever they need awesome professional graphics designs done! :smiley:

Really a mess out there! :frowning:

Yes I also have a drop of new buyer orders, but I’m not worry about because I have a huge returning buyer orders traffic so I have my income also in this period this is a great opportunity to upgrade my skills I have a more free time because of low visibility so I’m visiting to master classes and workshops to improve my design skills and to generate great ideas, thank you

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the USA, you won’t see any increase until Tues at least…

This happened to me too I was making a steady income across all my gigs but one day I took a vacation came back and haven’t had an order since. I think as more people find out about Fiverr the place has become saturated with so many similar gigs those of us who have been there from the beginning or near beginning have been pushed aside for the newbies lol My gig used to be featured on the front page of Fiverr almost every day. For me its time to move on to my next adventure!

me too

same here

Reply to @jewelerjustin: Awesome Justin! I really like goanimate! Your videos look great. How are you working around the goanimate transfer license fee per project?

I always had 90-120 in queue but now only 20, a terrible decrease of sales this month.

It must be something with Fiverr’s traffic to the website or a crisis month

Not just orders, but Fiverr as a whole is being buggy and weird. My gig stats seem to be frozen. My two newest gigs have zero impressions/views/clicks, and the rest aren’t going up, despite getting an order. Edit: My stats are all suddenly showing numbers. They had been frozen for at least the past two days. Must have been a glitch.

A few gigs won’t let me enable some of my gig extras in the first three fields. No error messages, and I can add gig extras in the next two fields without issue.

It took two browsers, several cookie/cache clearings, and literally more than a dozen tries to change my gig category. It let me change my gig to every single category except the one that was correct. When I put it into that one, it changed it to a different one. Bizarre and frustrating.

Sometimes editing the gig won’t go through. It’ll just wordlessly swallow your edits. Sometimes my messages won’t go through; other times, the page won’t refresh automatically to show new messages. Keywords seem to be wonky and search is giving strange results. Tons of results with zero orders and can’t find top sellers.

And to boot, Fiverr was hacked a little over a week ago. Hope things start clearing up soon.

I had come to the forums today to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. I was speaking to a friend who is also a Fiverr seller and he noticed that his orders have slowed completely and I have too. I figured it was because one of my most popular gigs is about weddings, and in North America and Europe, right now it is a prime time for weddings and my usual buyers are busy with their own companies. Now that I see this post though, I am not so sure. I haven’t had to rely on outside advertising until now and seeing as these jobs make up most of my income (following an injury earlier this year that hasn’t allowed me to go back to full time hours) but it looks like I will have to start promoting.

My theory is that Fiverr isn’t carrying out any advertising campaign right now. And when that happens, as Fiverr gets less traffic, most sellers get fewer orders.

Yeah, it does seem to have dried up. I wonder what’s going on. Hmmm

Reply to @bingbanners: Yeah, those of us in the US know that doesn’t mean much.