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What happened to collections?

Cheese and rice! The people at Fiverr are idiots! Haven’t you ever heard: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” My favorites are gone, my collections are gone…this is just stupid, totally Fubar.

Whoever came up with this redesign should be neutered, then fired.

When you view a GIG page you will see the Favorites Heart symbol under the ORDER NOW button. There you can see how many times that Gig has been collected and a button allowing you to collect it. When you are on your own Gig page you can view your collections. Under the EDIT GIG button it will show how many times your Gig has been collected and you be able to view your saved collections.

Intuitive Fiverr is not.

It’s called “My Favorites” now in the drop down menu under your name.

AND You can FINALLY REMOVE THINGS. It’s so nice being able to get rid of dead and deactivated account seller gigs. :D/