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What happened to multiple gigs?


I provide voice over services, and depending on the number of words, customers would order multiple gigs. I know there was a drop-down box on my gig page for that, but now that option is gone - and people are ordering gig extras (like 24 hour turnaround) just to get to the proper dollar amount - when they really don’t need the extras. This puts me in the position of having to turn around a project in 24 hours when I can’t really do that, and it’s not what they want - or Fiverr is going to count the project as late.

How can I get my multiple gig options back??


Are you seeing it here?


Ok, I’m seeing the pop up IF they use the second order button on the page underneath the testimonial banner, but it does NOT happen on the main order button under the description of the gig and extras - which makes no sense. Seems the number of gigs pop up should definitely be available on the first order button they see because they have no reason to think there’s another button that would offer those options if they scroll down…


Ok, I’ll just make those instructions very clear in my Gig description. Thanks!