What happened to my custom price quote feature?


Today I logged into Fiverr to maintain my business just like any other day. A return customer asked me for a quote for her next project, and it was then that I noticed the custom price quote feature was no longer available to me. I immediately checked my seller status and everything was just like yesterday (top rated seller status, >95% rating etc). I’m wondering if this is just me or has the feature been temporarily disabled for everyone?

Hopefully someone can answer me on this. Much appreciated.


Never mind, it’s available to me again. It seems that I have to be active once in a while on the forum to retain that feature.

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I have never even heard of this feature, is it only available to TRS?


I got an email this morning, saying that Level 2 Sellers can now use the Custom Quote feature. I am lost. Anyone out there who can help me figure out how to start using it? I’ve read the info provided, but am still in the dark. Thanks for the help!


Reply to @livingfree14: It really isn’t as complicated as you might think. You should be able to press on the ‘Custom Quote’ button and fill in the criteria. It will give you an option to describe the services you are offering, send a price quote, and the amount of time it will take to complete the project. Once you fill out the form you simply hit ‘send quote (I believe)’ and the buyer will have an option to accept the quote from you. It is only available through the messaging system, however.

Hope this helps!


Does anyone know what happens when someone rates an order that was purchased as a “custom quote”? I am very excited to be a recent Level 2 seller, and am just beginning to use this feature for the first time.

Thanks !


(I should add that for some reason, my level status still shows up as “Level 1” when I post to the forum, but is Level 2 on my profile. I suspect there must be a lag time with this.)


I never found this Custom Quote feature … Can anyone give clarity.


Reply to @zenart: Your account must be level 2 or more to use custom quote feature


I have had the Custom Quote feature for weeks now. It has been at the bottom of any correspondence I have with a client. It is a link below the blank box where I would send messages. I used it a few weeks ago when someone wasn’t quite sure how much something I don’t have as a normal Gig would cost. So, even back a few weeks ago, being Level 2 (been here about 18 mos maybe?) I was able to use this feature.



I’m a level 2 seller, but I no longer have the option to provide a custom quote. Is this because I haven’t been active on fiver in a while?




You’re a top rated seller now. Cool!!!