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What happened to my fiverr account?

Hello fiverrs. Looking for some effective suggestion?

I am a level 2 seller. I used to get 2-3 orders everyday. But unfortunately, from the last month, I am not getting any order or message from new buyers.I got order worth 15$-20$ only in the last month.This is why, I edited my gig. And I changed my gig title, description,pricing and also tags. I am also promoting my gig to social medias. I have got lot of viewers from these media . But it has not worked effectively. I also contacted with fiverr support, they checked my gig and replied that they found my gig ok.

Do you guys have any suggestion for me?

Everybody has faced the same issue at some point. Do not loose hope. Fiverr has a mind of its own, just when you feel its over for you, it may surprise you with orders coming your way all at once :slight_smile:

Dont change the title of you gig when you don’t have order coming in. Its a mistake that you are going to change the gig title.

When you change gig title it need some time to get into search in google and fiverr and other search engines.
Just wait some time. Fiverr is a place where everyone have same opportunity. After a little break order will come to you again.
if you still need any help you can message me on my fiverr profile.

i am also facing this problem
dont now what to do

It happen to me too as a TRS. That’s the most long time of dry up time I even had since joined Fiverr. I want to know too.

Thank you. I am eagerly waiting for that day.

I already changed the tittle what should i do now?

yes it’s a big problem, many seller facing this problem. I am also waiting for some good suggestion.

the secrete of this problem may be unknown

It’s o.k. Life has its ups and downs,you just have to stay focused and be Patient. Pray a lot because that helps really :slight_smile: Best of luck!

Same situation here. My gig impressions decrease 25k to 2.1k within a month. Because of that, I ordered some advertising gigs to promote my gig and I did some advertising myself. But nothing happened yet. Just got 2-3 orders from my regular buyers. Still, I don’t know the reason. I did my last jobs well without any negative feedbacks. I have a good response rate. etc. Anyway, hope this will be fine soon. otherwise, I will be totally lost :frowning:

Hello, don’t worry about it as Fiverr always try to bring the new sellers up and they show the new sellers on top of the list (my personal experience). I got an interested trick. Trick is simple, just create new gigs and Fiverr will bring that new gig up in the top with other new gigs. I hope this work. By the way I also have the same issue. Best wishes. :slight_smile:

It happens. My sales were beautiful the beginning of this month and now plunked, it’s been allover the place for everyone. Just hang on tight and you will pick up more sales. Blessings!

Its happening sometime you may not get orders… Sometime traffic get down on Fiverr. and do not change your title of the gig…

Just try to improve your description and try to go Buyer requests…it will help you a lot, keep sharing your gigs…

I have checked your account and found you have only one gig create many gigs with different titles and for different work related to work…

Thank you so much. I will definitely try it.

Thank you for your wonderful suggestion. It’s really helpful

Thanks, But i already change tittle and tags, will it make more problem?

Thank you for your suggestion. Obviously i will create more gig tonight.

Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestion.