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What happened to my gig?



I’ve been wondering why I was no longer receiving orders for the past few months now. I’ve been doing well in my Video Animated Explainer gig since May 2015.

I haven’t edited the gig since bout 5-6 months ago. I even added a new gig to convert ebook covers to PDF. Both are gone now.

Did anything happen? Why can’t I find my gigs under Active gigs? I can still see 62 Reviews with 5 stars in my profile but no gig to show (except for those I paused a long time ago).

Can someone help pls?



Have you checked to see if your gig is paused?

Have you verified your phone number with Fiverr recently? I believe that if sellers haven’t done this, their gigs may be paused.

Might be worth checking. :sunny:


Thanks I’ll check.

But the only gigs that have been paused are those that I paused a long time ago.


If it’s this one, it’s paused:


OK. I have verified my phone number just now.

I hope it’ll be back soon.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Good luck! :sunny:


Does anybody know how soon can my gig be shown again after verifying my phone?

Until now I still can’t see my gigs.



Find it in your gig section, under paused, select it and choose ‘activate’.


Saw it just now and activated it.

Thanks a lot!