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What happened to my money?


I’ve completed six gigs, and I only have $8… What happened to the rest of the money???

Please, help me understand what is going on. I know it is only 6 gigs, but what about when it is more???



Some details perhaps?

When was each gig delivered?

All at once?

Over a period of time?

Was the amount correct and changed for no reason?

Please note.

It can take 3 days for a gig to “auto-complete”.

Another 14 days for the amount to “clear”.

Could take up to 17 days for your money to be available.


please go check out revenues there are a couple errors on the part that judges your monthly income


Reply to @voiceoverwork: That might be it… I delivered them around a week or so ago.


the big thing that I noticed about anything with fiverr is patience.



Yes patience.