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What Happened to New TRS


I remember seeing every so often in the blog or via email newsletter about the latest top rated seller. I haven’t seen that recently, and I’m wondering if they’re just not announcing it, or if I’m missing something?


Nobody announced anything when I became TRS about 2 years back…


I think it gets announced only if the TRS has a story to share and the seller is a bit special and has a personal support agent assigned to them, most likely. Think 0.5% of us have one?

Or then it’s just not a big deal anymore and it’s easier to become one. … He says, after having been on Fiverr since 2012 with 10k reviews soon, yet is still level 2 :wink:


Be interesting, whore that interesting thing out. Voila: you are featured on a blog nobody reads.

But you already know that Charles, as you’ve used that card :wink:

EDIT: some supporting evidence would be that Google IFITT finance guy who posted his enormously complicated thing, which nobody cared about. Last week, it was newslettered, so it had a buzz (I was more disappointed that nobody queried the huge REALTIONSHIP typo myself) and he finally got around to making a video after he noticed and some “thank you for your useful information” types did their thing. I think OP cottoned on fast, but I’m still mystified as to why Fiverr chose that to promo. Top tip: staff are scraping the forum for individual and unique tips. Give it to them and be better than Google Nerd Guy.

In short, who cares–it’s all finely crafted bs.


I do not know what this blog card you speak of is. :wink:
I am just a simple seller who likes reading stories of successful sellers like you!