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What Happened to the $5 Gig?

It seems that, with the success of the website, there no longer exists a $5 gig. It now feels like, “For $5, I will look at your discussion. Then for $5, I’ll do a bare bones job of whatever I say I do.” Then for $20 more, I’ll give you the file. And, for only $20 more on top of all that, I’ll deliver it in two days." I can now hire a local person to do what I was paying a Fiverr to do. Sad, I was a real fan.

With the exception of a few category gigs that allow a higher starting price, Fiverr is still Fiverr. Regardless of the price of Extras that can be added to any order, all sellers still have to sell something for the basic $5. Gigs still start at $5. Thus… this site is still very much “”.

People are working. Nobody is here just for fun. How much would you do for 5$?
There are 5$ gigs present on the website and people provide what they can for that.
New sellers put more time for less money.
Most of the time prices are fair, some sellers ask very big amounts and
they still find their buyers here. I don’t know how, but if it works why not…
Sellers also need to be interested in staying and working here.
With only 5$ gigs most of the sellers would be gone.

its not like that. I myself offering every thing in my $5 resume gig from custom design to editable file every thing is free in $5

NO sir its not like that
new sellers doing great job in 5$

I offer the services for 5$ that most other sell for 10$ onwards at other places.

I did start off doing business plans for $5 each, however with over 10+ orders a day and as a full-time student, it’s not possible. I believe that my costs for a business plan ($30) is very reasonable. That includes the 24 hour delivery, and modifications, and the complete editable package.

I do however agree, while searching through some categories, that some prices are outrageous. I once stumbled upon a seller offering voice offers for $5 for 5 WORDS! That really is a joke. The one I stick with does $5 for 50 words, however you can find new sellers offering $5 for about 100 words.

I am a regular buyer on here as well, so I have noticed that the writing and logo categories are pretty much for $5, while the marketing and advertising sections are rarely less than $20.