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What happened to the beginning seller?

New sellers, especially young inexperienced talent use to sell for $5. Suddenly everyone is a expert and expects to sell for $30 up. What happened to the young artists? there are many experienced professionals on Fiverr and their work is well worth what they charge; however, Fiverr was a place to go if you are on a limited budget or testing the waters for a new project. Once the seller is proven, yes his rates deserve to climb. Try getting a $5 gig and they come back with $70 offers because it would be so much better for you. I bought a simple design logo for $5, (2-day delivery) no extras, didn’t need them. Just wanted a beginning idea and it took the seller 2 days to decline. . . too busy. Still looking

Try buyer requests. A lot of the sellers might be still in vacation mode due to the holidays.

Not a good idea with Buyer Request; request will get buried under sellers advising their services.

Five dollar sellers are still present but they are buried under a bunch of others that either have a higher rating or more sales under their belt. Even though Buyer Request is suppose to be an ideal place to go, its recently became a nightmare to navigate through so even if you do post a request, sellers may not see it for all the weeds in the garden.

I’m still a $5 seller! Okay I have my gig extras, but what you see is what you get in terms of my basic $5 gig.'s

As a seller though, I am noticing a lot of services on Fiverr being offered for a lot more than $5. What I’m therefore struggling with, is whether or not to risk loosing sales by reducing my 300 word writing gigs to 100 - 200 words, or stating flatly that $5 only gets you this and that…

A $5 gig is a test. I have spent a lot for illustrators and I won’t give an entire book to an unknown. i want to see what $5 gives me. I will work from there. I like young students that have new ideas to offer and are still testing their own wings. Let’s face it some are not worth more than $5…I am sure that is not YOU; however, they are out there.

I have to agree with trying Buyer Requests. Many new sellers look there along with leveled sellers re-entering the freelance market. It’s also important that real buyers keep using buyer requests in spite of sellers who mis-use it. One way to combat mis-use is to for Sellers and buyers to use that feature correctly.

Oh yeah? Well some of YOU aren’t worth 5-minutes of our time. Some of YOU buyers are absolutely horrible. You demand endless modifications, you complain about everything, you expect perfection, you don’t understand the subjectivity of our gigs, you can’t do it yourself so you hire us and instead of showing some appreciation, you defecate on our work.

So don’t complain, you people always get your money back. We’re the ones that don’t get our time back. That time is lost forever.

I don’t understand how the sellers posting under buyer requests slip through the crack, I thought buyer requests have to get approved by Fiverr?? I certainly hope they will do something about it soon!

I love doing $5 tests, spend time on it etc, then when buyer is happy with it and loves it, then I do tell one more time this was a sample test and if you want to purchase final design it costs that much and then get 3 stars feedback and explanation from CS that it has to be that why from unknown reason… which all together equals to I used to love fiverr now i like it and only because of my repeating clients I am used to work with…

And don t try buyers requests, they are so full with sellers advertising that it is impossible to find actual buyers…so lovely that even after 5 or 6 months that issue has been resolved.

Yeah, same feelings here.

Bravo :slight_smile:

That was something. LOL.

I’d imagine that in categories like graphic design and illustration, it’s very hard to find someone willing to do a complete logo or drawing for $5. Unless someone lives in a country where $5 goes a long way, that’s not even peanuts. It’s like…one peanut shell.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that sellers, especially quality ones, are not only trying to make money, they’re also trying to provide value to their sellers. I don’t have an extra for research on my gigs just because I like making money, but also because if I don’t charge for the extra time it takes to do research about topics I know nothing about, I can’t devote adequate time to either research or writing and the buyer gets a lower quality product.

It’s possible that those sellers were simply trying to offer you something that better fit your needs. It’s also possible they were just trying to up-sell you for the sake of up-selling you. Either way, $30 is way less than you’d pay to “test out” a freelancer outside of Fiverr.

@annai80 I don’t know. I’ve seen staff say they are working on a plan. I’m assuming it’s the slow plan. Keeping my hopes up!

Yes. In fact, the CEO offered to answer our questions at the Fiverr NY office party–but then was “too busy” (it’s a party. You made this a PR event. Flaky…) to answer the questions–which featured the BR issues and other issues on the site, but will “get around to it soon”. Instead, we got a 50 minute cellphone video which would be replaced by a professional video.

Guess who hasn’t delivered on either, a whole month later! Don’t hold your breath for the resolution of BR issues when other updates like getting rid of useful graphs can be done instead (although that was admittedly reinstated).

You would be surprised…3 logos $5… Then you see issues on forum like: i ordered logo from two different sellers and got the same logo with different colors… 90% sellers in certain graphic categorize don t do custom design, they get free templates from sites like graphic junkies and just swap colors and text, that way they charge $5, call themselves professional designers, when actually they have only basic skills…and then you get whiny buyers on forum…magic circle.

I m kinda pissed off on that… before they actually start doing something Fiverr will turn out into a huge pot full of questionable sellers and fraudulent buyers…, and quality clients and sellers will just swap to other sites eventually.

I’d love to see a report button attached to the buyer requests section to get rid of seller ads. And the same button for anyone responding to a buyer request… in case of spam on that end… Its been over a year or 2 that I’ve seen this need for such a change… I hope it comes soon.

What happened to working your way up to “High Rating” and maintaining that rating through work ethic and actual ratings. Newbies - unless they are highly qualified - should starts at the base rate - prove themselves, and work their way up, like any other job.

With whatever rotation they have some of the highest rated sellers, are 4 pages down, while newbies and people with less stellar ratings are among the top three rows.

Where’s the reward for the hard work, and maintaining a great rating, for the TRUE highest rated sellers, who are knocked down, and virtually invisible- but whose work has been making fiverr a lot of money?

It’s pretty discouraging, to say the least. They should not manipulate rating orders, and should perhaps – add additional categories, so reality is not misrepresented, and people’s sales are not so gravely affected.