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What happened to the Buyer Request search box?

What happened to the Buyer Request search box?

It’s no longer there! It was great at helping target specific buyer requests with specific gigs that you have.

Is there another thread somewhere about this?

Murray / Creativeman

It seems to be coming and going for me. My number of offers doesn’t show up all the time either. Try a CTRL and F5, it shows up then for me but then doesn’t a little later! Maybe they are working on it.

ya.I notice that.may be fiverr team develop this section.

If you click on the green numbers right beside the word ‘ACTIVE’ it appears. I found that out by accident.

Wow, that works. When I clicked on ACTIVE it appeared. Thank you.

Its CTRL+F in chrome.


I’ve been away a few days and it seems to be there now.

It does not show again. Is there any way to get it back? Is fiver working on it? Any idea?

It not show with me

Now its playing up again. I see it but when I put my mouse cursor on the line to type something it disappears. Anyone else experiencing this?

Right now it’s not showing for me.

I had the same problem, it was only there when the page was refreshing. I managed to type Etsy (my main key word) before it disappeared again, that wad very tiring :). Thankfully it is bac kand working fine now.

Right now it’s working for me but some time it’s not working may be it’s bug in fiverr

It seems to be working for me now.

Have you guys seen my contest here:

It’s only for the next 48 hours.

Hm. You put that in the right category (My Fiverr Gigs) but now you’re spamming the wrong forum area anyway with a brief comment and “look at my link guys!”.

That said, neat gig. Wouldn’t you have better luck spamming an internet marketer forum though? Since your demo market will all be hanging out there and not here in the main.

If you’re going to spam, do it the right way! I’ll give you 50% for trying a new method that doesn’t involve straight up begging, though.

Does this problem still exist? I can not type my keyword to search buyer request. Any one help?

It seems to be working again and there is even a remove request link that has been added.

This is now under recent available projects.