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What happened to the Fiverr quick responses on Desktop?

Somehow the Fiverr Quick Response feature totally disappeared from the desktop version of the Fiverr site overnight. I can’t see it at all on the Fiverr delivery page nor the Fiverr inbox. I’ve tried multiple browsers and different computers. Same issue.

I can access them through mobile, but I don’t really communicate through mobile.

Where are the Fiverr quick responses?

Before the https:// their is a lock. If you press this and then go to the setting then you can find all the options.



Ohh You meant this one?

Yes. That’s not appearing at all on my Fiverr. Multiple browsers and computers don’t show that at all.

Although I recently did pause all my gigs and it sorta disappeared after doing that, now that I think about it. Maybe Fiverr somehow doesn’t treat me as a seller anymore so I don’t get the quick response feature?

Yes, That will be the reason. I was also thinking of a bug and other user will also report this in few but Yes, Pausing your gig will be the reason.

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