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What happened to the list of seller offers?

Im a buyer on fiverr and i post gigs.

i used to be able to see past and present offers from sellers responding to my gig requests posts.

I used to simply go to manage_requests area and I would see offers made there.

but now it’s not there, all i see is this “Fiverr’s offers” option and when i do click that I simply get recommendations for gigs similar to my request, instead of offers from people to take up the gig i posted.

I also checked older request posts which I for sure know have offers, and they’re all gone.

what gives?

am I the only one having these problems?

I think there aren’t that many buyers who also use the Buyer Request feature writing here on the forum. While many of us sellers also buy sometimes, I think most of us don’t use Buyer Request but search for their sellers (at least, I haven’t ever used BR for any of the gigs I bought).
You might have more luck with asking support if it’s a technical glitch and they can fix it for you or if it’s due to some UI update.


alright tnx miiila
will try support then.