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What Happened to The Podcast


Have not heard a new episode in a while…is the podcast still alive?


Yes The Podcast! I miss those too. Hope they make a reappearance.


Dear Charles:

Perhaps @customdrumloops or @twistedweb123 will respond to this thread, now that I’ve mentioned them both.

I cite the Working Through Language Episode quite a lot, so it would be great if someone with the appropriate permissions were to start a thread for that particular episode, so I could link to it when talking about it in the Forum.

Maybe it’s there and I missed it.

Thank you,


Maybe all the older ones are listed somewhere. I missed some of them.

Some may be here:


Thanks Blaise and Crystal! We’re currently in the process of revamping the podcast to bring you a new and improved version! In the mean time you can always access the past episodes on soundcloud here:

or on itunes:


So glad to have this link! Thanks!


Thank you much for the update! I think everyone loves the podcast! :purple_heart:


@customdrumloops - Thanks for the update. How would a seller express interest about being on the podcast?


I am very excited to listen to brand new episode .


Dear @twistedweb123:

For some unknown reason, the Fiverrcast transcripts seem to have disappeared from the blog.

Can you convince the Fiverr powers that be to get those back up as soon as possible?

Thank you,

Addendum: this question may have been answered in this thread:

Update: The transcripts have been restored. Huzzah!


I don’t know much about the blog, but regarding the podcast @customdrumloops was the last user to have some recent info on the podcasts. I’ve tagged him since @twistedweb123 may not be the person to ask.


@fonthaunt i have a gaming channel how do i join the podcast
or is there any possibilities to do that or so
just asking :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear Un:

Please check out this thread: Fiverrcast Questions.

Good luck,