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What happened to the queue?

One of my hobbies on Fiverr is searching gigs like mine and seeing how many people are in line i.e. the queue. I can’t find it anymore, did Fiverr change the platform again?

EDIT: I just realized they moved the queue under the gig title.

We went through this once before where they took that off, then later put it back when people complained. It’s an important tool to improve sales.
It is now at the top of the gig next to where they put the stars rating, in pale grey, barely showing. Your’s says you have 8 in your queue.

I just looked at the first gig I saw on my search page and it shows 16 in queue up at the top. It’s kind of hard to see now, I don’t remember it being that color before. That’s the only one I looked at so I don’t know if it’s on all of them.

I’ve seen some muddled stuff the last day or two with the look of the main site and the forum, it seems like some font changes happened again for me and the pinned posts in the forum are technically pinned but don’t show in the right location. I’m pretty sure some sort of dabbling adjustments are being made again.

I wrote a reply, but it didn’t get displayed. Don’t know if it’s because I included a competitor’s link to make a point.

I see 25 orders in queue as of now.

I see 26 in queue right now.

I don’t see queues on mine.

Displayed under the main gig title :wink:

Now I see it! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize they changed the layout to reflect the queue under the gig title.

Fiverr keeps changing!