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What happened to the TRS Only forum page?

There used to be a TRS forum page on here that only TRS’s could access and talk with each other. Does anyone know what happened to it? I found it very nice to talk with other TRS’s.

I am also using this forum, but never suffering any issue…

That category hasn’t existed for a long time now, probably almost a year if not more… When the forum was re-structured the last time, the forum team and forum staff looked at the analytics. Out of hundreds of TR sellers, the TRS-only forum only had a few posts in an entire year and most of the posts and comments were being made by the same 3 to 5 people. So, they decide to remove it. No one even commented it was gone for about 3 months. The forum developers at the time decided not to build in another one since it took extra work to one on the re-structured forum. :slight_smile:

You could always start a conversation of interest to other Top Rated Sellers and invite their participation. If it appears there are a lot of TRS who are interested in discussing particular topics on the forum, then you could post in the Suggestion Box asking for a limited category again and link to some heavily TRS-active conversations to show that there is interest from a lot of sellers.

What would you think about Tips for Sellers becoming read-only for non-leveled sellers so that only leveled sellers could post there? Any non-selling buyer could still write things for sellers to see in Conversations or Stories. Staff has not yet responded to suggestion for this, but they might sometime if people are interested.

Oh no, we don’t want any exclusivity here…we are all equal…I don’t believe in this “TRS are from another planet” nonsense. We are all sellers. In fact, in my category, level 2 sellers probably make more money than TRS :slight_smile: Life would be so boring if only TRS spoke to TRS, level 2 spoke to level 2 and level 1 to level 1. We are all in this together, for better or worse.

In fact, one the best posters here is @fitrigwrites4u - she is not even level 1 :slight_smile:

I miss that forum :frowning:

Although, it was a post in that forum which resulted in me losing my TRS, so I don’t miss it ALL that much.

You’re not a TRS…

There aren’t many TRS who post on the forum, just a handful, which has always puzzled me.