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What happened to You**Ceas** Top Seller?


I had ordered multiple times from them, not entirely satisfactory experiences. But they were of the top seller at fiverr with over 160,000 satisfied customers or so they told. The last I ordered from them was their youtube views gig which I was very dissatisfied with and wanted to cancel the order. Next day their page is gone from fiverr. What happened?

Mod Note: Seller referenced is no longer a Fiverr member. Username only partially redacted so that previous buyers will be aware.


yes i saw them too dont know what happen you can search on goolge


There is no way to know. Customer Support doesn’t reveal those kinds of details. We do know that many social media gigs are no longer allowed on Fiverr due to changes in editorial focus. You can search for similar gigs, but they may be gone soon as well. You might try marketing categories for other ideas.


No further info is available on this.