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What happened when buyer no response after complete order?

I had finished the order and deliver to her, but she didn’t response nor accept the order. What will happen after 3 days automatic mark as completed? Will, there be any review from that buyer or nothing happened?

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really this situation is complicated , she give the reviews or not?

no, she didn’t reply me or accept anything. Will I still able to get review from that buyer?

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yes its must to rank your profile to get reviews from buyer.

it will be marked as complete in 3 days

so no reviews from that buyer?

same problem with buyer accept the delivery he like but not give any review
so it affect on sells
i think

we have to do something that buyer’s must do a review for strong work that we do but from words conversation that is important factor so buyer give review we have to build relation to people like that
what you think everyone please do some tricks related to word fight so we got that reach to that level!
anyone have better ideas discuss here

If the buyer doesn’t respond at all, the order will get autocompleted in 3 days after your last delivery and you’ll get paid in 14 days after that.

The buyer doesn’t have to leave the review if they don’t want to. If you ask them to leave the review, you’ll get a warning. Multiple warnings will get you banned.

just provide quality work and you will receive nice review. Give the buyer some time. it happened to me too after 3 days and in last minute the buyer accepted the order and gave me review

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yes it is true but sometime they have no time or something that is not will to give because they don’t give to about seller’s perspective