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What happened with "Buyer requests"?

I’ve check Buyer requests panel today and saw only 01 request! What happened? Why all requests of the day before are gone? How can we looking buyers if we can’t see all of their requests? :frowning:

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Do not just think about the buyer’s requests (10)
To find another buyer
Promote your gig every day on social media networks

That’s so bad. I don’t have any social media networks to promote my gigs, I get all my orders from buyer requests and now that panel is 0 request on it :frowning: May be I need to create an IG account? :frowning:

you could get a facebook and twitter created too. join groups and advertise what you do

I didn’t use them anymore. But I think maybe this is change time :slight_smile: Thanks for all help :sob:

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Use social media networks
buyer requests (0)
Ask for customer support.

Thanks for your help! I will try :smiley:

Yes where are buyer request!?

Nothing 3 last days? New Fiverr rules?

It’s all started a week ago, since the fiver introduced new rules to push the level of sellers down. I was a salesman of level 2 and level 1 and now I’m without any level.
I had regular orders and now I have NOTHING for a week now!

Fiverr, why are you doing this???

It seems that level 0 members now get very few buyer requests (with a lot of the time 0 requests, and occasionally up to about 8). Also, when some do get shown, if you refresh the page about 5 mins later, there’s a good chance some or all of the ones shown will disappear - unlike on a higher level where they stayed there a lot longer.

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That’s right. I think Fiverr try to change rules and seller need to make social promotion more, we need to promote them more to get more buyers for them, more money for them and more fax from us to them.

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You need to check it 2-3 hours/time, and reset to see buyer requests. I feel so bad about this and so tired to keep trying follow their new rules, which don’t give me any benefit to develop my work at here.

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