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What happened with fiverr traffic :(

hi fiverr community. can someone help me i have a question.

What happened with fiverr traffic. Its going down day by day. I don’t get any order in last 5 days. Any one ans please? or have any solution?

Don’t base your understanding of Fiverr upon those alexa results. Traffic comes and goes, and we will never know why. Focus on your gigs, and how you can make them better and more appealing for buyers. And take the time promote them elsewhere on the internet. You should not be relying upon only the Fiverr search/marketplace system for all of your traffic. Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

I do not know what is happening. As after 4 years I started getting a lot more orders :smiley:

Reply to @squeezeboxhero:

Like I said, don’t expect Fiverr to be your only source of traffic. Promote your gigs online, and promote them where your prospective buyers are located. THAT is your best source of traffic, no matter where you are doing business.

If you have more sources of traffic other than the Fiverr search system, then, when the search system isn’t sending your gig the traffic you want, you’ll have no need to complain… because you’re still getting traffic. :wink: